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 Sukamade Turtle beach

Sukamade Turtle - Beach

Situated on the south coast, Sukamade beach is the site where turtles appear between about 21:00 hour to midnight to lay eggs, which they bury under about half a meter of sand. The egg-laying is subject to seasons, and at times the beach can be awash with turtles, especially during the full moon. Beach guards collect the eggs shortly after they have been laid and rebury them elsewhere where they are safe from poachers and such animals as leopards. The eggs hatch in about two months after which the young turtles are tended in special tanks at Sukamade until they are strong enough to survive in the ocean.

Today, more than 2.000 turtles have been tagged and recorded since the beach became a protected area in 1972. The huge creatures which struggle from the moonlight surf are not without problems, as predators on and off the shore will devour most of their eggs and offsprings, but at least they are spared the human poacher.

If homosapiens does lurk in the shadows, it is only the curious.

Sukemade is still very isolated. To get there requires a 4-wheel drive vehicle, and above all perseverence. Main access is through a 50 km stretch of extremely rough road, passing rubber, coffee and cocoa plantations.  As yet there are no bridged crossing the rivers, which, though negotiable during the dry season, can become very difficult to cross during the rainy season. Despite the discomfort, however, the trip may be rewarding.

Two full days are needed for the 2-way journey with an overnight stop in Sukamade where limited accommodation is available.

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