Rumah Senang



Sukamade - National Park Meru Betiri
The trip is made by a 4WD. Departure from Guesthouse Rumah Senang after breakfast. In Genteng the trip goes to the south via Jajag and Pasangaran to the south coast. (Trough papaya, coffee, rubber and cocoa plantations. In the fishing Village in the bay of Rajekwesi you can enjoy your pick-nick lunch.
After that the jungle starts and the road/path bacomes really bad. Now you will understand why the trip is done by 4WD. On the top of the mountain you have the opportunity to make a walk down for 30 minutes or what you like. The driver will follow you by 4WD and pick up you later.
After the mountain the guide will report you to the security staff of the plantation Sukamade. You continue the road through the plantation to the village crossing by some rivers.
Your stay is 700 meter from the beach and the accommodation has basic rooms. Sometimes when the beach accommodation is full you will stay at the village.Normally arrival is between 15:00 and 16:00 hours and when there is time you can walk to the beach.
After diner you go to the beach by walking through the jungle.On the beach the local guide will look for tracks and ifg he has found a Giant Sea turtle he will give a signal with his lamp. The turtles coming to this beach are between 150 - 350 kilo and lay on average 100 - 150 eggs.The turtles are about 2 hours on the beach to dig the hole, lay their eggs and close the pit again.
After 55 - 56 days the small turtles will be coming out of the nest and crawl so the see as fast as possible. As there are poachers the eggs are removed from the nest and put them in the sand again in an artificial nest within a secure area. Just before coming out the eggs ware move to big buckets with sand in the shed.
The small turtles are kept here for about a week before setting them out to the sea. If you are lucky you can release also some turtles.
The accommodation in Sukamade is very simply (no airco). Towels and toiletpaper will be bring by the guide. There is no running water, only a "mandi bak".
After breakfast the next morning you will have the opportunity (if there is time and not on saterday and sunday) to visit the very old plantation factory  to see the processing of rubber.
On the way back you will stop again in Rajekwesi to see the local fishermen return from their nightly catch and may be the guide will buy some fish for the dinner at Guesthouse Rumah Senang.Around 13:00 (depend on what you like to do this morning) you will return to Guesthouse Rumah Senang.