Rumah Senang


 Kawa Ijen



To avoid the heath in the day this trip starts from Guesthouse Rumah Senang around 04:00 hour. The tour will be done by 4WD and goes via Genteng to Banyuwangi. From here to the west to Licin. After Licin you will travel over a huge clove and coffee plantation and the last part through a fern forest with huge fern trees.You will arrive at the parking place around 06:15 hour just after sunrise.At one of the warungs/toko's you can enjoy your breakfast (breakfast box from the guesthouse) and buy some coffee or tea.From the parking place you start walking to the top.


The parking place is on a altitude of 1.850 meter and the top is on 2.350 meter.The first 15 minutes are not so difficult but then it will becoming steeper and steeper.After about 50 or 60 minutes you will arrive at the weighing station.

You can have a little rest here en enjoy the beautiful view over the high plains to the west on the other volcano's.In the distance you see the Gunung Raung (3.300 meter) near Kalibaru.The rest of the walk (about 40 minutes) is much less difficult as you walk a path around the rim with  very little altitude differences.After the last bend a have a beautiful view on the crater with its blue-green lake.

It is forbidden to go into the crater because of an accident with a tourist, who feel down and was killed in 1998.From the edge you can see in the crater the place where the  sulphur flows out of the wall. The sulphur bearers (Pikolan) carre 80 - 100 kilo from the crater to the rim and then down to the parking where it is pick up by a truck.


The Kawa Ijen is very different from the Bromo because of the crater lake and the sulphur winning.But also, as it is a difficult trip, there are not hundreds of other tourists. Out of the seaon you might even be lucky and be the only one.The return trip is via the same way (there is only 1 path). It really getting hotter the lower you get and the higher the sun rises.Be careful as the sand on the path becomes dry and very slippery. At the parking you can have a drink in one of the cafeteria's.From 1.850 meter you go down to sea level and in Licin you pass the sulphur factory on the left.Arrival in Guesthouse Rumah Senang between 13:00 - 14:00 hours.It can be very cold on the mountain.It is not exceptionally when it is 0 (zero) degrees.